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First off from all of us at HiTechExperts we would like to thank you for checking our site out! At HiTechExperts our motto is “if it has a circuit we can work it!” We are a group that loves technology, how it works, and most importantly how it can really work for you. Check out all our services we provide. If there isn’t something on the list but it has a circuit give a shout and ask if we can work it.

Smart home tech costs

In the video to the right you have a gorgous multi million dollar home that is setup with all the gadgets that make it a smart home. This is the misconseption that every one has. You need to spend a million dollars to enjoy the benifits of a smart home.

Reality is

Smart home products are being relased in an alaarming rate, from the biggest companies like Apple, Samsung, and even google. They are priced right and they are desgined to be set up and just work.

HiTechExperts can help

At HitechExperts, we can help, if its a smart home setup you are looking for, security cameras or alarms, or just a better wireless network give us a shout!

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The statistics above are information I have found from the crime stoppers webiste. The numbers represent the number of crimes commited in their respective catigories in Calgary during the week of Oct 8-14th 2017 only. Once the City of Calgary Police Crime Map is back onine I will replace these Stat with the Crime Map. It’s never to late to equip your home with an monitored alarm system or surviellance cameras!

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